Pavement Engineering - Highways and Airports

Pavement Engineering - Highways and Airports

SES as consultants specializes in all aspects of payments consultants including designing management maintenance and rehabilitation for both highways and airports essays in association with its globe global partners offer a wide range of pavements consulting engineering services including payment designing and rehabilitation payment Def deflection testing and analysis profiling measurements pavement distress service friction service and payment management system installation our service offering includes field data collection and treating engineering analysis and modelling design specification forensic investigation specification forensic investigation specifications for contract documentation construction quality assurance and road test management plans payment in engineering service offered by a SES

  • Pavement Design And Rehabilitation
  • Pavement Evolution And Technology
  • Pavement Management System
  • Video District Survey
  • Training And Technology Transfer

Transportation And Traffic

One of the major issues in developing countries today is the challenge to better manage the existing transportation systems improve road safety and provides state of art facilities to enhance mobility resulting in greater socio-economic development of the reason RCS transportation team is committed to excellence in its provision of a variety of consulting technology transfer and training services in traffic and transportation engineering as follows

  • Traffic Engineering
  • Road Traffic Safety Audits
  • Traffic Impact/Parkings Studies
  • Transportation Planning